domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2014

Barra MacNeils - O Christmas Three

The latest release is a play on the fact that this is the band’s third seasonal recording. Featured songs by some of Canada’s top artists include Ron Sexsmith’s Maybe This Christmas, Rita MacNeil’s For Mary and Joseph and Bruce Guthro’s Bound for Bethlehem. Marked by Lucy’s velvet vocals, soaring group harmonies and note-perfect musicianship, the Cape Breton-produced recording reflects the sound that has proved a winner with audiences across North America over the Barras’ 26-year career.

  1. Bound for Bethlehem
  2. Maybe This Christmas
  3. Miners’ First Noel
  4. Here We Come a-Wassailing
  5. The Green Tree Set
  6. Oran Nollaig Na Bretainn Bhig (A Breton Carol)
  7. Christmas Belongs to Children
  8. For Mary for Joseph
  9. A-Walkin’ Christmas Morning
  10. The Parting Set

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