miércoles, 2 de enero de 2013

Blue Planet - Masala

Lenny Mac Dowell has become well-known through his innovative modern style and also as composer and producer. Many CD productions, with him as studio musician and producer have been released. He has released own productions, such as Autumn Breath, Flying Torso, The Farthest Shore, Flute Power, Radioactive, Echnaton's Return, Balance of Power and compositions for documentary film productions. Unusual spectacular flute sounds are his way of transporting the flute into another dimension. Together with Hakim Ludin, Lenny Mac Dowell founded Blue Planet, always bringing in new international musicians, giving each release an extraordinary sound and thus becoming a part of his creative field as musician and producer.

Blue Planet:
Lenny MacDowell (various instruments, flute, synthesizer);
Hakim Ludin (percussion);
Neyvell B. Venkatesh (mridangam);
Ganesh, Kumaresh (violin).

1 Kharma
2 Ludi Garden
3 Lotus
4 Ganesh
5 Carnatic Blues
6 Masterpiece
7 Latin Masala
8 Lovely Moon


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