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Salif Keita-MOFFOU (2002) [Mali]

MOFFOU was nominated for the 2003 Grammy Awards for Best World Music Album.

From the calebasse and accordion intro on MOFFOU's opening song, it is clear that this Salif Keita record is markedly different from past outings by the Malian singer/songwriter. On previous releases, Keita's sound fused African music with European pop and other Western influences, but this album features spare arrangements and a feel that is decidedly rootsy and traditionally West African. Characterized by a quiet intensity and lilting sway, MOFFOU is beautifully realized and executed from beginning to end.

"Yamore" features vocals by Cesaria Evora, whose rich alto nicely complements Keita's high tenor. The sultry feel of the track sets the album's mood, which modulates into Keita's beautiful acoustic guitar playing and singing on the ballad "Iniagige," and, later, into the low-key groove of "Moussolou." Up-tempo dance tracks are here, too, as on the thrilling, group vocal-led "Madan," but the sound is largely acoustic and well served by the absence of synthesizer, which usually drives Keita's faster songs. The carefully arranged acoustic timbre of MOFFOU frames Keita's soaring vocals perfectly and brings out the earthier elements of his African-based style, while losing none of the accessibility that made him a star.
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01 - Yamore

02 - Iniagige

03 - Madan

04 - Katolon

05 - Souvent

06 - Moussoldu

07 - Baba

08 - Ana Na Ming

09 - Koukou

10 - Here

Salif Keita-MOFFOU
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