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Man Ting Fang - Good Virtuous [China]

 Man Ting Fang women group of new folk music is one of the representatives of the present new music. Since their year, their particular artistic charm is constantly shown on the stages home and abroad, which was highly spoken of by people. They have combined the instruments of yangqin, erhu, pipazhongruan, guzheng with many western popular music elements, such as jazz, latin, rock, performing the solemn and implicit traditional folk music in a fashional, passionate and enthusiastic way, which has built a bridge between traditional and modern, narrowing the distance between traditional and modern artistic taste.

Huang Jiangqin: Erhu
Gu Beibei: Zhongruan, Pipa
Miao Xiaozheng: Pipa
Pan Weiwen: Yangqin
Li Ling: Guzheng
Wu Guozhong: Dizi/Xiao
Barry: Guitar

01. - Sweet
02. - Ups and Downs
03. - Tonight, Take Care
04. - The Past Can Only Be Recollected
05. - Goodbye, Popular
06. - Hard To Get Together
07. - Where Is My Home
08. - Miss You So Much
09. - Don't Put The Past To Heart
10. - How Do You Say
11. - Late Autumn

Good Virtuous 
Good Virtuous

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