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The Rough guide of Senegal (2013) [Senegal]

Among the fabled sounds of West Africa, Senegal is a land of musical giants. This Rough Guide includes a roll call of the legends; Baaba Maal, Cheikh Lo, Orchestra Baobab, Ismael Lo and a young Youssou N'Dour all feature alongside contemporary sounds from the rootsy kora of griot Diabhel Cissoko to the cutting edge Sister Fa.

Bonus CD: Daby Balde - ‘Introducing Daby Balde’

Daby Balde is one of Senegal's best-kept musical secrets, long celebrated at home and now exploding on to the international scene. His stunning arrangements are based on his Fula traditions from the south of the country and feature the fiddle, accordion and flute alongside the more familiar West African sound of the kora, acoustic guitar and percussion. With strikingly rich and beautiful melodies, captivating vocals and a repertoire that ranges from euphoric to melancholic, Daby Balde is a West African star on the rise.



1. Cheikh Lo - Jamm

2. Orchestra Baobab - Ami Kita Bay

3. Mansour Seck - Ndiatigue

4. Sister Fa - Amy Jotna

5. Nuru Kane - Bayil (Violin Mix)

6. Fallou Dieng - Weex Bet

7. Etoile De Dakar Feat. Youssou N'Dour - Thiely

8. Baaba Maal - Baydikacce

9. Africando All Stars Feat Thione Seck - Sey

10. Ousmane Hamady Diop And Mansour Seck - Soukabe Leydam

11. Amadou Diagne - Diamano

12. Diabel Cissokho - Senegal-Mali

13. Ismael Lô - Talibé


1. Mamadiyel

2. Heli

3. Kaye Waxma

4. Tamania

5. Waino Blues

6. Sora

7. Mbadi

8. Halaname

9. Fouladou

10. Douna

11. Hakurujamane

12. Mbeugel

13. Mido Waino

320 kbps + covers


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