lunes, 6 de enero de 2014

Andrew White - The Heart of the Celtic Guitar (1997)

THE HEART OF THE CELTIC GUITAR is cinematic and picturesque. This album recounts the struggles of the Irish people. White's music also has what could be called the thousand-mile stare. His compositions gaze off into the distance, into the horizon, into the heavens themselves. Then again, this is the very nature of the Celtic ballad. It is at once tough yet maudlin, plaintive yet yearning, secular yet mystical. White knows how to capture this complexity. Particularly strong tracks include "Home James," "To the Shores of Your Heart," and "Journey." All three of these compositions speak of hope and perseverance, two qualities that are central to the plight of the Irish. On this unique CD, the composer expressively communicates the story of the Celtic people, which is no easy task.

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