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Yat-Kha - Yat-Kha (1993)

The legendary band Yat-Kha, led by its founder Albert Kuvezin (also co-founder of the famous Tuvan band Huun Huur Tu) comes from The Republic of Tuva, in Siberia, The Russian Federation.

The music of Yat-Kha is an organic mix of rock and musical traditions of Siberian and Central Asian peoples. Critics have called it ethno-rock, root-rock and even ethno-punk…

For almost 20 years the band have made several Worldwide, European, Russian and Siberian tours, participated in hundreds of festivals around the world such as WOMAD, WOMEX, Glastonbury, Reading, Roskilde, Sfinks, Chicago World Music Fest, Ottawa Blues Fest, Quebec Summer Fest, Meltdown, Riddu Riddu, and others.

Yat-Kha has collaborated with artists such as: The Chieftains, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Trans Global Underground, Asian Dub Foundation, Väärtinää, Wimme, Susheela Raman, Gojira and others. The band has released ten studio and live albums. The lastest album “Poets and Lighthouses” has reached a number one position at World Music Charts Europe in January 2011.

Yat-Kha is:
Albert Kuvezin – vocal, guitars
Evgeniey Tkachov aka “Rasputin” – drums
Sholban Mongush – vocal, igil
Theodore Scipio – base-guitar

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  1. El canto de la garganta es una técnica especial de interpretación, que permite a una persona emitir varios sonidos a la vez, por ejemplo, una nota constante, como de bajo, y al mismo tiempo una melodía o sobretonos.

    Yat-Kha - Yat-Kha

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