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Hana Blochova / Kvinterna Ensemble - Mysteries [2006]

Hana Blochová studied singing under Professor Inge Švandová-Koutecká, Marie Hřebíčková-Kozáková and the interpretation of medieval singing with Rebbeca Stewart (Great Britain)

As a member of Kvinterna, an ensemble playing early and alternative music, her main focus is on Christian and Jewish music from the 12th - 15th century, and world music. She is also interested in the traditional techniques of Oriental singing, which are applied in the music of the Spanish Middle Ages, and in alternative music projects. She studied the piano, organ, flute and harp. In addition to singing, she plays replicas of medieval musical instruments such as the portative organ, the Gothic and Renaissance harp, the psalterium and the recorder. She performs solo or with Kvinterna, an ensemble playing early and alternative music, of which she is the artistic director. She has also cooperated with other Czech and European ensembles playing early music.

She graduated in art history at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University Prague focusing on art critique and art restoration technology. Since 1992 she has been the director of the Festival of Early Music in Český Krumlov and is also the founder of the international musical pilgrimage festival "Star Journey€.

She prepares and plays music for both film and theatre and is the author of multimedia projects. She has recorded a total of 9 CDs with Kvinterna. She regularly plays in the CR and abroad, either solo or with Kvinterna.

Hana Blochova - vocals, harps, psaltery, Tibetan bowls, organetto


Petr Vyoral - fiddles, oud
Pavel Polasek - chalumeau, santur, vocals
Milos Valenta - fiddle
Frantisek Pok - shawm, recorder, hurdy-gurdy
Petr Filak - oud
Premysl Vacek - lute
Marie Hrebickova, Josef Preisler, Petr Doubek - vocals
Milan Bilek, Dan Dlouhy, Lubos Holzer - percussion
Michal Sodja - didgeridoo

1 Sibilla provencale (traditional) 16:51
2 Mariam Matrem Virginem (Llibre Vermell de Montserrat) 7:59
3 Faith (Hildegard von Bingen: Ave generosa) 7:03
4 The Birth of Hope (Hana Blochova, Petr Vyoral) 6:57
5 Love (Hildegard von Bingen: Caritas abundat) 8:38
6 Universum (Kvinterna) 22:29

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