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Unni Løvlid - Rite (2008)(flac)

Unni Løvlid is a Norwegian singer who has just released her third CD called Rite. Her debut was in 1999 with So ro liten tull a CD with sixty three children songs. A sweet, nice maybe even a bit naïf album. In 2005 she launched Vita an album with, more or less, traditional vocals. Now in 2008 she released Rite, a surprisingly different album than the first two.

Eight own compositions, still some traditional elements, but programming and other electronics took over. The result is a pure, adventures and mystical album. You can hear the Norwegian landscapes, the wind and the cold nights in her music. Vind kom is a fragile song and a nice start of the album. Fantastic is Her møter eg deg. The dark and deep sound of the cello, an accordion sounds somewhere in the distance and than, when the French horn starts to play, I cant escape anymore. It’s a song like a dream that takes plays in a dark night, in a dark and deep forest.

On Bak vaker verda she continues this dark atmosphere with well placed electronic sounds and a sample of a children’s choir. It’s like angels sing me to sleep, but I know that when I fall asleep they will get to me and that scares me. On Mørketid you can hear the sound of ice, this song reflects the Polar night. Sanning is only vocals and Hardanger fiddle, a song like a whisper. You have to listen very carefully to hear it.

The same for Eg drikke din raude vin in which she only uses her voice. The CD ends with Portrett probably the most dark composition on this album. As if an unknown danger is slowly coming towards us. Rite is definitely her best album and one of the best examples of modern Norwegian dark-folk I have heard in a long time. It’s music that makes me fantasise, that scares me and on the other hand fascinates me from the first to the last second. www.unni.no

1. Vind, Kom 3:42
2. Her Møter Eg Deg 4:27
3. Bak Vaker Verda 5:47
4. Mørketid 4:10
5. Sanning 2:27
6. Evig Einsam Kveld 4:36
7. Eg Drikk Din Raude Vin 6:04
8. Portrett 6:03

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