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A Lammas Ladymass - 13th-14th century English Chant & Polyphony

In the 13th and 14th centuries, votive masses to the Blessed Virgin were celebrated daily or weekly in many of the larger churches in England. These were special services dedicated to Mary and set to texts written in her honor. Masses were not composed in complete cycles by single composers until the late-14th century, so any recorded version of a medieval mass is a reconstruction, in the same way that each day's mass would have been constructed from different sources. Pieces were chosen to match the occasion or the purpose of the service, since most liturgical texts were related to specific feasts.

A LAMMAS LADYMASS uses anonymous English music of this period, drawing together a variety of liturgical settings including motets with multiple texts, monophonic and polyphonic conductus (songs generally used at transitional points), and a troped Kyrie (one which has additional text inserted into the standard Kyrie text, as a type of commentary) to produce a Ladymass as it might have been celebrated in the 14th century. As is usual for Anonymous 4, the singing is lovely and simple, without sounding mannered or labored.

Anonymous 4 es un cuarteto neoyorquino de voces femeninas a capella. Principalmente interpretan música medieval, aunque también han interpretado trabajos de compositores actuales como John Tavener o Steve Reich.

Inicialmente, el grupo estuvo formado por Marsha Genensky, Susan Hellauer, Johanna Maria Rose, y Ruth Cunningham. En 1998, Jacqueline Horner, sustituyó a Ruth Cunningham.

A lo largo de su carrera, han participado en numerosos festivales de música a lo largo de todo el mundo. En el año 2003 anunciaron que abandonarían las giras y grabaciones, si bien subrayaron que se juntarían de nuevo para participar en ocasiones especiales.

El nombre del grupo proviene del nombre de un musicólogo medieval de finales del siglo XIII, Anónimo IV, por el cuál conocemos a dos de los principales compositores de la Escuela de Notre Dame, Léonin y Pérotin.

1 Antiphon (Anonymous) Que est ista 0:54 
2 Hymn O quam glorifica 3:27 
3 Conductus Ave tuos benedic 2:51 
4 Motet In odore 1:35 
5 Conductus Salve mater salvatoris 3:47 
6 Introit Salve sancta parens 3:45
7 Kyrie 2:22 
8 Gloria 2:29 
9 Gradual Benedicta et venerabilis 4:14 
10 Conductus Ave gloriosa mater 2:04 
11 Alleluia Virga ferax aaron 3:33 
12 Sequence O maria stella maris 6:24 
13 Sequence O ceteris preamabilis 2:51 
14 Motet O quam glorifica... 1:30 
15 Recordare Virgo Mater Offertory 4:34 
16 Sanctus 2:47 
17 Agnus Dei 2:26 
18 Communion Alma dei genitrix 0:51 
19 Conductus Salve mater salvatoris 3:45 
20 Conductus Paradisi porta 1:11 
21 Dismissal Ite missa est 0:32 
22 Sequence Pangat melos grex devotus 4:50

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