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Holdviola - Madárka (2009)

The Holdviola band was formed in the spring of 2006 in Miskolc.

Their music is a modern form of music, a bit further, we come to life in the beautiful Hungarian folk songs. Style: Electro - folk, but fellehetőek songs in rock, pop and alternative music elements. Clean their songs to make it more interesting, although that lack any kind of solution to authentic music, folk songs still retain their natural atmosphere.

Their performances are not simple pop concerts, but music, dance, theater, film and the alloy. VJ mixing live performances of the background animation, special choreography and the dancers and stage scenery and other visual experiences to enrich the program.

The Holdviola founder was Peter who first összehozásán and implementation of a virtual orchestra in a spectacular theatrical thinking. The development of the first songs in 2005 - was started. Sophie was already known, but not yet a wonderful singing voice. During the summer of 2005 a group of friends drinking beer (a jazz club in Miskolc) saw for the first time to sing. Performance style, stage presence and charisma immediately enchanted, and I immediately knew that dreamed up the idea of ​​a virtual band rejects, instead of a face with a real band created. While the songs were written on.

The final demo showed Sophia and said his plans. Sophie started the recordings for the first time and said yes. Then in 2006 described a spring. By the summer of 2006, Sophie's voice is now ready for the first few songs. Even this summer Peter Jósvafő a Dixieland concert sounded During the break, one of the first songs in front of hundreds of people. After a few minutes it will be noticed that people lined the mixer mounting position, and are interested in where to buy the band's first album sounded. A few moments later, a young man strides over Peter. Squeezes her hand and says, "the Hungarian people need this music. "A touching moment with Peter's memories forever closed, he knew and felt that they were on the right track.

Over the next two years, Peter has worked on, especially the newer songs were born. In sync with the rehearsal began work as well. Now is the summer of 2008. The first big live concert given Borsodi Spinning Festival. After the successful introduction Diósgyőri Castle concert follows another Night of the Museums.

01. Intro (02:33)
02. Madarka (04:41)
03. Akkor szep (03:30)
04. E kertemben (03:38)
05. Banat utca (04:16)
06. Szivarvany havasбn (03:55)
07. Latod Edesanyam (1. resz) (02:22)
08. Latod Edesanyam (2. resz) (02:58)
09. Erdo, erdo (04:20)
10. Volt nekem szeretom (03:48)
11. Tavaszi szel (04:58)
12. Hej revesz (03:58)
13. A fenyes nap lenyugodott (02:44)

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