jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014

sasanomaly - Shinonimu To Hipokurito

Sasanomarii Releases "Hipokurito synonyms and" CD 8 songs on October 15. Lyric video songs of work now of "self-mutilation colorless" has been published on YouTube.

Sasanomarii is another name of Bokaro P · Nekoboro. In addition to the person singing version representative song with cats bolo name "nonsense speaker" and "self-mutilation colorless", all 8 new songs "onomatopoeia glasses" and "Hipokurito synonyms and" is contained in the album. Who Sasanomarii sings "self-injury colorless" or what is the finish, anxious'll keep checking the lyric video immediately.

The Tower Records, Village Vanguard, TSUTAYA, Lawson · HMV, in animate, and distribute the benefits to the purchaser of the Limited Edition. The contents vary depending on the store, the original clear file and Boca Russia version CD of songs is provided.

1. 戯言スピーカー
2. 自傷無色
3. オノマトペメガネ
4. ふたりで。
5. ハルニキミト
6. 弾けないギターを片手に
7. シノニムとヒポクリト
8. 戯言スピーカ

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