viernes, 30 de enero de 2015

Kries - Kocijani (2008)

Who would have thought that one of the discoveries of the year would be a Croatian folk-rock band who revive traditional songs, but do so with a passion and verve that makes them sound contemporary, even dangerous? Their theatrical, long-haired singer, Mojmir Novakovi´c, acts like a pop star but clearly has respect for his country's folk heritage. He is backed by a band that matches an attacking rhythm section against a lineup that includes traditional goatskin bagpipes and the lijerica "knee violin", plus electric guitars and bass. On violin is the band's producer and only non-Croatian member, Martin Swan, best known for his work with the Scottish Gaelic band Mouth Music. The result is an intriguing set that veers from strong ballads and vocal harmony work to bursts of wailing rock guitar and bagpipes. Kries are best experienced live, but this is an impressive introduction.

1 Grličica
2 Lepi Juro Kries Nalaže
3 Čuj Marice
4 Oj Livado
5 Procvala Je
6 Djever Djevojku Vodi Za Ruku
7 Bujada
8 Pisan Jelen
9 Kočarina
10 Sava
11 Zora

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