martes, 17 de febrero de 2015

Sarakina Inspired By Chopin -Fryderykata

Team Sarakina is a Bulgarian-Polish-Czech band combines Balkan folk music, jazz and world music. Compositions and arrangements influenced Bulgarian folk music, classical jazz improvisation with elements of ethnic flavors to stream music art. The team consists of professional musicians, graduates of schools of music, play instruments like the accordion, clarinet, bass, Kaval, bagpipes, Tupana, tabmura. Group of concerts since 1999.

Jacek Grekow - accordion, kaval, bagpipes
Jan Mlejnek - clarinet, tambura
Mateusz Bielski - double-bass
Wojciech Bronakowski - percussion
Maciej Nerkowski - vocal
Robert Siwak - daf

1 Nocturne in G minor Op.15 no.3 3:29
2 Waltz in D Flat major Op.64 No.1 6:12
3 Hulanka op.74 No.4 4:33
4 Prelude in C minor Op.28 No.20 9:00
5 Mazurka in G minor Op.24 No.1 3:52
6 Ballade in 7 4:54
7 Mazurka in A minor op.17 No.4 4:31
8 Prelude in E minor Op.28 No.4 3:49
9 Fryderykata 11:46
10 Se navali Shar planina 3:58

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