lunes, 9 de marzo de 2015

Reijseger ,Fraanje ,Sylla - Count Till Zen

Dutch trio of free improv cellist, jazz pianist and Senegalese singer follow the success of their debut CD 'Down Deep' with a new offering, also recorded with one microphone as they further explore their unique sound.

Just when you think that Fraanje and Reijseger have settled into a New Age groove, Sylla enters with his rough-edged voice, inherited in Senegal from his father, who would sing at the Mosque at 530 am. The group first played together in 2007 but Sylla and Reijseger have been playing duos together since the 1990s. We'll also hear two tracks from James McMurtry's brilliant new album 'Complicated Game' - a song in the voice of one whose attendance at a wedding brings back strong memories of an old love and one in the voice of an Army Veteran who returns to the devastation of his post-blizzard South Dakota farm. And his classic white trash travel epic 'Choctaw Bingo' from a previous album.

1 Perhaps
2 Bakou
3 Badola
4 Count Till Zen
5 Headstream
6 Debenti
7 Out of the Wilderness
8 Falémé
9 E Konkon
10 Friuli

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  1. Bellísimo disco,muchas gracias por compartir!

  2. Gracias camaradas..por la labor de difundir/(compartir la cultura..que es de tod@s..

    Infinitas Gracias