domingo, 1 de marzo de 2015

Terje Isungset - Reise

Terje Isungset (b.1964) is one of the most unique and innovative percussionists in Europe today. His personal sound is present whenever he participates, without copying existing musicians or styles. This is accomplished in part by using self made instruments and sound sources.
Sheep bells, wooden logs and sticks, pieces of granite slate, and blocks of ice have all found their way into his arsenal of over 200 sound producing objects, as well as recordings of factories and machines. "Timbres" and "colors" are central in Terje Isungsets music and compositions..
 In the press, it has often been described as innovative, visual, energetic, and different from any previously known concepts. Terje Isungset has worked the most within free improvisation and often in collaboration with traditional musicians internationally.
Norwegian groups like: "Utla", "Orleysa", "Isglem", Knut Reiersrud acc. quartet, Frode Gjerstad - and "Groupa" from Sweden. He has also worked with musicians in Germany, UK, and Finland , and dona tours and recordings with "Okuta Percussion". (drummers from Nigeria and Australia.) Isungset has also been commissioned to compose for Jazz Festivals, Dance Performances, theatre, film, etc.

1 Autumn 4:18
2 Another Place 2:49
3 Gone Too Far 10:17
4 Tor And His Hammer 2:41
5 In The Fog 5:34
6 Beneath Forest 2:29
7 The Dancer On The Hill 7:02
8 Journey 5:07
9 From Village To The City To...... 11:48

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