domingo, 19 de abril de 2015

Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud -Isswat

Isswat recordings from Azawad region of the Sahara desert. Music of nostalgia, longing, and revolutionaries, sung by Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud in her debut recording, a local production from 2008. Sparse rhythms and hand claps punctuate the meditative hypnosis, accompanied by a the signature vocal drone of her group. Lyric translations insert, some of the first ever translated isswat.

Vinyl version comes in beautiful printed and hand glued covers. Edition of 500. credits released 20 March 2015

Performed by Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud,
Accompanied by Oukana Ag Raytak, Alhassane Ag Banjar, Bay Ag Ibrahim, Mohamed Ag Barka, Rhissa Ag Balla
Recorded at Studio Maison du Luxembourg, 2008
Technical Assistance: Christophe Pérotin
Director: Malick Ag Rhissa
Photo: Ibrahim Ag Aminy
Translation: Mouhamadine Ag Ibrahim, Nadia Belalimat
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic
Printing by Charles Eberhardt
Prod. Director: Christopher Kirkley

1. Yalalela 05:52
2. Ilana 04:30
3. Wana L'Ancien 04:32
4. Wana Le Nouveau 04:21
5. Adyamina 04:11
6. Ahaylalou 04:18
7. Alehawan 05:03
8. Ahimana 04:48
9. Inaregh 02:51

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