viernes, 17 de julio de 2015

Dayme Arocena - Nueva Era

At just 22 years old, Daymé – a singer, arranger composer, and choir director is already a veteran presence in Cuban music, and is fast gaining international profile. She says she has sung all her life and recalls her four-year old self performing on every block in her neighbourhood. ‘Fun stuff,’ she says, ‘Wearing crazy dresses and singing like a rumbera. She has been performing semi-professionally since the age of 8, and became lead singer with the big band Los Primos at 14. She has performed with Winton Marsalis, and was invited by the Canadian saxophonist Jane Bunnet to perform in Canada (and together with some other Cuban players formed the all female group Macaque). Last year she appeared on 3 tracks on the Havana Cultura mix project which saw Gilles Peterson mentoring selected producers from around the world to make a record in Cuba. Seeing huge potential in her, Gilles invited her to London to perform at the album launch event, where she enchanted the packed out audience, and it was decided she should record a solo project for Brownswood Recordings / Havana Cultura. The announcement brought out a loud, rich, infectious laugh instantly recognizable as Dayme’s deep and chocolaty voice. “My first record, here,” she squeals. “It’s a crazy dream.”.

01. Madres
02. Drama
03. Sin Empezar
04. Don't Unplug My Body
05. Dust
06. Nueva Era
07. Crystal
08. El Ruso
09. Nino
10. Come to Me

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