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Kila - Live at Vicar Street

kilaKila are due to release of the first compilation “Best Of’ album from Irish band Kíla on September 11th. The 2CD set contains tracks recorded over nearly two decades (1991-2009) and includes favourites such as tribal anthem Bí Ann, the ‘Pacabel’s Canon Song’ Leath ina Dhiaidh a hOcht and title track from album Tóg é go Bóg é. To coincide with this ‘Best Of’ release the band will be perform all their hits live at Vicar St. this December 19th. Tickets are €30 on sale now through Ticketmaster and other usual outlets nationwide.

Kíla members met in Coláiste Eoin, south Dublin and grew as they did their apprenticeship busking on Grafton Street, alongside contemporaries Mic Christopher, Glen Hansard and Paddy Casey. The original line-up included members who would later join The Frames, Dead Can Dance and The Mary Janes. Their current line-up has been together for thirteen years and includes three Ó Snodaigh brothers, Colm, Rónán and Ross, Hogan brothers, Lance and Brian, Eoin Dillon and Deirdre Armstrong.

Collaboration and an openness to different musical influences has become an enduring philosophy with Kíla. In recent times the group have worked with notable Indian tabla player, producer, actor and soundtrack composer, Zakir Hussain as well as being invited to perform with U2 & The Dubliners among others on ‘The Ballad Of Ronnie Drew’ as well as releasing an album with Japanese/Ainu musician Oki.

A globetrotting outfit almost since their inception in the late 80’s, Kíla have often captured as many fans abroad as in Ireland. This summer alone they travelled across Europe and Scandinavia to perform and been invited as far afield as Zimbabwe and Singapore. Their live performance, a fusion of many styles of music over a foundation of Irish traditional, and their use of the Irish language has gained them fans and respect across the globe. In Ireland they have a rock reputation, their concerts a far cry from the norm of a traditional band, making them hard to categorise and gloriously free from music industry restraints. The band set up their own label in 1991 to allow them release albums and they have since grown into their own mini industry.

1 Rusty Nails 7:21 
2 The Compledgegationist 4:54 
3 Féach 4:37 
4 Crann na hPingini 3:16 
5 Rachel's Reel 4:10 
6 Mind the Gap 3:54 
7 Leanfaidh Mé 3:39 
8 Lemonade and Buns 5:30 
9 Dusty Wine Bottle 7:54 
10 Tóg é Go Bog é 5:28

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