martes, 22 de diciembre de 2015

HAYA - Wolf Totem

"Wolf Totem" is a boundless adventure into music. Starting from its first, title song, it's a fascinating combination of traditional Mongolian music and western-styled electronica, even electric rock ("Distant place"). It reminds a little of a fantastic Finnish band, Kemopetrol, because both bands know no musical boundaries. Any ideas, any instruments, any moods are fine, as long as they serve the album.

There really is no sensible way to describe Haya's music on "Wolf Totem" - it's beyond any genres. Yet, it's strong, melodic, powerful, both very Mongolian, very much world music - and, sometimes, even pop-like in a good way. There are surprises everywhere. Few if any western bands could create music quite like this: a real musical synthesis of East and West.

Although quite different, the sequel "Silent Sky" is also a must for anyone interested in great music out of the ordinary. On that album, fantastic young vocalist Daiqing Tana sings on all tracks whereas on "Wolf Totem" band's men dominate on vocals. Highly recommended!

01. Wolf Totem
02. Lucky Bird
03. Mongolian forefathers
04. Lonely
05. Snow-capped mountain
06. Endless walker
07. Deep in grasslands
08. Young camel
09. Mother
10. Distant place

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