sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2016

Saskia Lankhoorn - Kate Moore - Dances and Canons

Dances and Canons is the debut ECM recording of both composer Kate Moore and pianist Saskia Lankhoorn. Moore was born in England in 1979 and lives now in the Netherlands (where she studied with Louis Andriessen). However, it is Australia, where she grew up, which has left the strongest impression on her creative imagination, its teeming natural soundscapes transmuted in her music of hypnotically-swarming pulse patterns and shifting, layered planes of sound. In Dutch pianist Lankhoorn (also born 1979), Moore has a dedicated and resourceful interpreter. “It’s impossible to listen to this music,” writes George Miller in the liner note, “and not wonder about the enormous technical demands it makes of the performer.” Moore and Lankhoorn have collaborated regularly since 2003. As well as compositions for solo piano, the programme includes pieces for two pianos, four pianos and multiple pianos, realized in the Auditorio svizzera, Lugano, with Manfred Eicher as producer.

1 Spin Bird 03:24 
2 Stories For Ocean Shells 09:06 
3 The Body Is An Ear 11:01 
4 Canon 15:39 
5 Zomer 04:01 
6 Joy 12:03 
7 Sensitive Spot 09:08 
8 Spin Bird 03:38

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