domingo, 4 de junio de 2017

Penguin Cafe - The Imperfect Sea

A penguin stands in the middle of a scorching desert, far away from its natural habitat. This mirrors composer Arthur Jeffes’ journey and exploration into a new musical territory. Penguin Cafe have evolved into something of their own at the hands of Arthur who started the band in 2009 with the continuation and homage to his father’s legacy, to the late Simon Jeffes’ Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Now, their upcoming album The Imperfect Sea echoes reminiscent sounds that embrace the new.

The album title refers to a saying by his father that “we wade in a sea of imperfections…”, reflecting upon the idea that beauty can be found amongst the chaos. “If there is a narrative to the album it’s coming to the acceptance of the imperfections in all aspects of life; moreover, the recognition that these imperfections and tiny randomnesses are in fact what make up the best parts”, Arthur explains.

1 Ricercar 4:34 
2 Cantorum 7:23 
3 Control 1 (Interlude) 6:57 
4 Franz Schubert 5:46 
5 Half Certainty 2:31 
6 Protection 5:22 
7 Rescue 6:29 
8 Now Nothing (Rock Music) 4:38 
9 Wheels Within Wheels

5 comentarios:

  1. Este disco de la Penguin no lo conocía.

  2. Con razón no lo conocía, es de la nueva etapa de la Penguin, que ahora lidera el hijo del maravilloso Simon Jeffes. ya decía yo, si este hombre murió hace mucho de un tumor cerebral, pero se ve que su hijo Arthur ha cogido el relevo, y no es mal musico