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Bali Festival

is a global celebration of the New Year through the universal joy of music. It will combine the rhythms of the local and global musical performances .

Festival of World Sacred

The 2015 Fes Festival of World Sacred Music will take place between May 22nd and 30th, 2015.

Babel Med Music

World music showcase Babel Med Music in Marseilles (France) has announced the names of some of the artists that will perform during the 2015 edition.

World music Gibraltar

La cantante franco-marroquí Françoise Atlan será la directora artística de este año y creará especialmente para GWMF una producción única de una hora llamada “Convivencia”. Músicos de todas las religiones actuarán en St. Michael’s Cave el 18 de junio

Raices En Lata

Proyecto personal donde encontraras toda la música que no encuentras en los círculos comerciales normales.Una vuelta a nuestras raíces,nuestras músicas mas perdidas y olvidadas,también músicas nuevas de gran valor,una vuelta de tuerca por todo nuestro territorio

Willie Nelson - Willie And The Wheel

Bringing Willie Nelson and Western Swing revivalists Asleep at the Wheel together for an album of Western Swing classics was a dream project for legendary producer Jerry Wexler, who had wanted to do it back in the 1970s, when Willie was still with Atlantic. (It wound up being one of the last recordings he worked on before his death in 2008.) Better late than never, Nelson and the band finally teamed up for WILLIE AND THE WHEEL.

The Wheel had recently backed Willie up on tour, so they knew just how to make their sound work for the singer, and sure enough, Nelson's vocals fit the band's tight-but-swinging sound like the proverbial glove. Tackling tunes made famous by Bob Wills and others, they keep it traditional, staying within the stylistic template established some six decades earlier, but still stamping the project with plenty of their own distinctive personality.

Personnel: Willie Nelson (vocals); Ray Benson (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Jason Roberts (vocals, mandolin, electric mandolin, fiddle); Elizabeth McQueen (vocals); Sam Seifert (acoustic guitar); Vince Gill (electric guitar); Eddie Rivers (steel guitar); Jonathan Doyle (clarinet); Dave Alexander (trumpet); Michael Mordecai (trombone); Paul Shaffer, John Michael Whitby, Floyd Domino (piano); Dave Miller, Kevin Smith (bass guitar); David Sanger (drums);

1   Hesitation Blues     
2   Sweet Jennie Lee    
3   Fan It    
4   I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None O' This Jelly Roll    
5   Oh! You Pretty Woman    
6   Bring It On Down To My House    
7   Right Or Wrong    
8   Corrine Corrina    
9   I'm Sittin' On Top Of The World    
10   Shame On You    
11   South (featuring Paul Shaffer and Vince Gill )
12   Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon

Paula Morelenbaum - Berimbaum (2004)

En 2004 Paula Morelembaum lanza su album Berimbau, cantando clasicos
de Vinicius de Moraes con una relectura electronica.

A veteran of the Brazilian samba scene, Morelenbaum has an impeccable pedigree in the music. But for this album, she's chosen as a common thread songs by the great Vinicius DeMoraes, whether as sole or co-composer. It makes for a great theme, with so much quality work to choose from. What makes this so fascinating are the arrangements used to frame the pieces, like the light Brazilian funk used on "Tomara" and "Berimbau," for example, which both float, lighter than air, over truly imaginative drum programming and instrumental performances. Morelenbaum's glorious voice sets the standard throughout, breathy but gloriously melodic (she also deserves great credit for her production work here). Even brass sounds feather-light, gliding by the songs. And yet it retains a real groove, a toe-tapping funk that's irresistible and does full justice to the songs themselves. Even a bossa ballad like "Insensetaz" is given quirky little touches, like the irresistible cello line by Morelenbaum's husband, Jacques. It's an album of details and quirks in the melodies and rhythms, gentle and lulling, but still constantly pushing forward, and rewarding no matter how many times you listen to it.

1. Tomara
2. Consolacao
3. Berimbau
4. Canto de Ossanha
5. Insensatez
6. Medo de Amar (Vire Essa Folha Do Livro)
7. Brigas Nunca Mais
8. Voc? E Eu
9. Seule
10. Desalento
11. Primavera
12. O Nosso Amor
13. Canto de Ossanha (Remix)

Gjallarhorn - Grimborg (2002)

Grimborg es como una serpiente de mar, con muchos tentáculos que se mueven y atrapan al oyente por sorpresa, arrastrándolo a la música con fragmentos de didgeridoo, Hardanger violín, clarinete bajo y percusión. Es mucho menos ordenado que su anterior album Sjofn, deliberadamente bordea hacia el caos a veces, pero nunca llega a caerse. Pero el sentido de la aventura y la progresión nunca vacila; es como si la banda finalmente ha descubierto su nicho musical y se ajusta a explorar todos los rincones del mismo. Hay alegría en cada nota y ritmo que transmite en sí. Un disco que definió su carrera.

Jenny Willhelms: vocals, violin and hardanger fiddle
Adrian Jones: viola, mandola, vocals and kalimba
Tommy Mansikka: aho, didgeridoo, mungiga, udu and djembe
Petter Berndalen: percussion and kaliba

 01. Konungadöttrarna (The King's Daughters) (4:55)
02. Grimborg (4:03)
03. Tora Lille (Little Tora) (4:01)
04. Polonaise (3:44)
05. Menuett (Minuet/Njawara) (2:09)
06. Menuett (Minuet/Njawara) (2:42)
07. Herr Olof (Sir Olof) (5:38)
08. Ella Lilla (Dear Ella) (5:13)
09. Ack Lova Gud (Oh, Praise the Lord) (4:27)
10. Frøysnesen / Soteroen (4:35)
11. Vallevan (4:31)
12. Kulning (Cow Calling) (5:30)
13. Längtaren (2:58)

Eskorzo - Camino Completo

Eskorzo: "La música es fusión"
La banda granadina Eskorzo acaba de publicar su quinto disco de estudio, 'Camino de Fuego', que transita entre géneros tan dispares como el rock, la cumbia, el afrobeat, el jazz o el rocksteady. "La música es fusión en sí misma, hasta el estilo más purista proviene de la fusión de otros. La música es lo que te apetezca hacer con ella"

1 Mambo zombi 3:40
2 Gilón 3:37
3 Suave 4:43
4 Camino de fuego 2:31
5 Ojalá estuvieras aquí 3:25
6 Tormenta blanca 3:25
7 Amenaza fantasma 3:58
8 Sé feliz 3:21
9 Tiempo del sueño 3:23
10 Acelera 3:47

Chouk Bwa LIbète – Se Nou Ki La

Chouk Bwa Libète is a Haitian mizik rasin (root music) band deeply embedded in rural voodoo and its three ingredients, drums, songs and dance. This economy of means proves all the more powerful to express the intensity of their mystical, committed discourse. This debut album was made in April 2014 in the village Petite Rivière Bayonnais, close to the lakou of Souvenance where the drum-maker Charles Simé lives. Recorded under the cover of an ajoupa open to the winds, these 15 tracks bear the marks of daily village life and carry the flame of a cosmopolitan African inheritance. The CD booklet features photos by Jacques-Yves Le Docte and excerpts from Yanick Lahens’ novel Bain de Lune, as a subtle and brotherly reflection to Jean-Claude ‘Sambaton’ Dorvil’s mighty lyrics (fully featured in the liner notes).

1 Apèl lanbi
2 Idantifikasyon
3 Moun yo plae
4 Pran ka M nago
5 Veronese chante
6 Jimo marasa
7 Kouzen zaka
8 Makout lenba
9 Azouke
10 Olicha legba
11 Je M la
12 Kwè nan bondye
13 Lapriyè
14 Pawol jatibwa
15 Nèg ayisyen

Orchestre National de Barbès-Rendez-Vous Barbès

La Orquesta nacional de Barbès (Orchestre national de Barbès, ONB) es un grupo de música francés fundado en 1995 por el bajista y compositor Youcef Boukella, antiguo músico de Cheb Mami. Inspirado en el raï magrebí, el grupo mezcla diversos géneros de música como el chaâbi, la salsa, el reggae, la música gnaoua, el jazz y también el rock consiguiendo una sonoridad original.

Su nombre proviene del bulevar Barbès de París, situado entre el barrio de Montmartre y el barrio de La Goutte d'Or, una zona habitada por una población de orígenes muy variados. De origen multiétnico, sus miembros son de diversas nacionalidades: Francia, Argelia, Túnez, Marruecos y Portugal. La orquesta ha actuado en muchas partes del mundo y adquirido fama internacional.

01. Sidi Yahia-bnet Paris
02. Chkoun?
03. No no no
04. Chorfa
05. RDV Barbès
06. Jarahtini-Marhba-Jibouhali
07. Rod Balek
08. Laafou
09. Denya
10. Allah idaouia

Dayme Arocena - Nueva Era

At just 22 years old, Daymé – a singer, arranger composer, and choir director is already a veteran presence in Cuban music, and is fast gaining international profile. She says she has sung all her life and recalls her four-year old self performing on every block in her neighbourhood. ‘Fun stuff,’ she says, ‘Wearing crazy dresses and singing like a rumbera. She has been performing semi-professionally since the age of 8, and became lead singer with the big band Los Primos at 14. She has performed with Winton Marsalis, and was invited by the Canadian saxophonist Jane Bunnet to perform in Canada (and together with some other Cuban players formed the all female group Macaque). Last year she appeared on 3 tracks on the Havana Cultura mix project which saw Gilles Peterson mentoring selected producers from around the world to make a record in Cuba. Seeing huge potential in her, Gilles invited her to London to perform at the album launch event, where she enchanted the packed out audience, and it was decided she should record a solo project for Brownswood Recordings / Havana Cultura. The announcement brought out a loud, rich, infectious laugh instantly recognizable as Dayme’s deep and chocolaty voice. “My first record, here,” she squeals. “It’s a crazy dream.”.

01. Madres
02. Drama
03. Sin Empezar
04. Don't Unplug My Body
05. Dust
06. Nueva Era
07. Crystal
08. El Ruso
09. Nino
10. Come to Me

Troka ( 1993-2006 ) ( tres discos )

Troka ha sido elogiado por su capacidad de llevar un toque contemporáneo a la música folk filandesa. Su sonido está influenciado tanto por el cuarteto de cuerda clásico y técnicas por conjuntos tradicionales.

Troka formed in spring 1993 in Kaustinen, Finland. June 1993: Troka wins first prize in Folk Music Group Master Competition in Mäntsälä. July 1993: Devastated the audience at Kaustinen Folk Festival. THE hot ticket among new bands. Within days, a recording deal with Olarin Musiikki was set.
April 1994: Debut CD released by Olarin Musiikki of Finland. (OMCD 54) Material includes seven original compositions, six trad tunes and one cover of famous Finnish march by Jorma Panula.
June 1994: Performed at Skagen Festival, Denmark. 1996: Swedish tour 1997: Nordic Lights convention, Falun, Sweden. German tour, Rudolstadt Festival, Germany. Vossa Jazz Festival, Norway Jan. 1998: North American release of Troka debut album on North Side records label, USA. May 9, 1998: live performance on US nationally broadcast radio program Prairie Home Companion. May 10: Concert at Cedar Cultural Centre, Minneapolis, MN, USA. May 11: Knitting Factory, NYC March, 1999: Troka released their second album, SMASH, featuring an abundance of new original pieces by Ville, Matti and Timo. Finnish version by Folk Music Institute of Finland and US version courtesy of NorthSide of USA. Coinciding with the release was an appearance at the Nordic Roots Festival in Minneapolis, sharing the bill with Swedish band Väsen.

VILLE OJANEN (fiddle, viola, mandolin) — Kappelin Pelimannit, Krannin Laki, Folkkarit (chief composer and arranger), Sikiät, Kairelan Prikaati, Ottoset dance group (arranger). Studies music in University of Jyväskylä. Composed music for dance theatre work HENRIK in Kaustinen, 1997. More recently has released a CD by his project Ville Ojanen and Rautavaara, also involved with previous projects Loiskis Children's Music Orchestra, Qwenland and Arctic Factory. Produced the debut album by group Snekka.
MATTI MÄKELÄ (fiddle) — First group Kropsu, age 14. Followed by Kappelin Pelimannit, Krannin Laki, Sikiät and JPP. Also studied classical music in Stockholm and in Kokkola Conservatory.
JOHANNA JUHOLA (accordion) — Studies at Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department. Previously with group Mimmit and has performed in several Finnish tango orchestras. More recent projects include Duo Milla Viljamaa & Johanna Juhola, Las Chicas del Tango, Spontaani Vire and Novjaro. Also works with Timo Alakotila and violinist Pekka Kuusisto.
TIMO ALAKOTILA (harmonium, piano) — Isät ja Pojat, Järvelän Pelimannit, Hot Club de Kairela, JPP, Järvelän Näppärit, Maria Kalaniemi & Aldargaz, Luna Nova. Composed four part work, “Folkmoods West”, for JPP and big band. Teaches at Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department and at Helsinki Pop and Jazz Conservatory. Composes and arranges and produces for many well known Finnish artists, in folk music and other genres.
ANTTI JÄRVELÄ (double bass) - Multi-intrumentalist lays with JPP and Frigg as well as other lesser known bands.

1993 - Troka

1. Lellupuo-Iikoon Frioomarssi / Iikko's Courtship March
2. Balkan
3. Aamu Seksmanninkankaala / A Morning in Seksman's Meadow
4. Sekvenssipolka / Sequence Polka
5. Polska Platoon
6. Lazzlo
7. Strömmerchottis
8. Breakdowns
9. Vanhaa Valssia / Old Waltz
10. Klockar Aleksanteri
11. Masurkka
12. Hoppatahdit
13. Gånglåt Ja Polska
14. Feidauspolkat / Fadeout Polka

1999 - Smash

1. Monster of Polska 2.0
2. Ring Dance (Rinkitanssi)
3. Sprout (Oras)
4. Sand
5. Bjork
6. Maros
7. Smash
8. Hardanger
9. A Moment (Aika)
10. Summer Night Twist (Kesäillan Tvist)
11. Sodoma
12. Go Oscar Go! (Proge-Oska)
13. Ängskärsmenuett

2006 - Raharinki

1. Raharinki
2. Bulgaarit kytösavuilla
3. Folksiili
4. Riippusillan alla
5. Strömmerin paluu
6. Menuetti
7. Kaustinen 1908
8. Ruotsalaisia sotasankareita
9. Astoraalinen polskafantasia
10. Lapuanjoki tulvii
11. Parinvaihtovalssi
12. Kaukokaipuu