viernes, 13 de enero de 2012

Penta Leslee Swanson - Sorrow and Solitude [USA]

This singer from Seattle/USA, presently living in Paris, has everthing that is required; a harsh upbringing at 14 she sang for "garage bands" followed by a nomadic livestyle between the USA and Europe plus the jobs with Elliot Sharp, the Living Theatre, Flo and Eddie, Etta James, Iggy Pop, John Cale and many more.

Blues and experimentals were also included in this singer´s repertoire. This life reflected itself in her texts, the voice has warmth and seeks freedom. Together with Zazou´s exotic instrumentation, a beguiling, an unbelievably fluid and fragile balance is created.

Zazou is considered to be one of the most internationally significant composer of our time due to his individual sound and sample techniques, and his love for ethnical music. He waited for PENTA LESLEE SWANSON before realizing "his blues".

1 There Was Thunder There Was Rain 5:00
2 Nothing 5:21
3 Swan Song 4:21
4 Ramblind Man 7:45
5 I'd Rather Go Blind 4:56
6 C.C. Rider 5:11
7 I Wanna Breakdown 5:50
8 Homeless Blues 5:35
9 A-Wanderin' 3:41
10 Be My Man 6:46

Sorrow and Solitude

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