viernes, 13 de enero de 2012

Robert Rich - Gaudi [USA]

The labyrinthine sculptures of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi find the ideal musical equivalent in synthesist Rich's binaural geometry.
Rich utilizes dense washes of electronics, earthier and grittier than even those found on the previous RAINFOREST but every bit resplendent of the spirit of Gaudi's designs. Fluttering moths of synth accentuate the still life of "Serpent," whispering in the distance. The aptly named "Mosaic" starts out gently, until a talking drum, purring sequencers, and flutes carve out a polyrhythmic niche. Rich's grasp of composition and his fluid, effortless style support the precarious timbres of GAUDI with a craftsman's touch and solidarity. It's a hypnotic music to get lost in, wherein every trip back takes you down different corridors via different doors.

Antoni Gaudí (June 25, 1852 - June 10, 1926).
Espiral Casa Batllo techo en ceramica "Trancadis"

Robert Rich - analog and digital synthesizers, samplers, lap steel guitar,
bamboo and ceramic flutes, dumbek, Udu, talking drum, Waterphone, “glurp”
Pranesh Khan - tabla (track 2)

   Track listing
   1. ”Sagrada Família” - 4:24
   2. ”Tracery” - 4:35
   3. ”Silhouette” - 4:04
   4. ”The Spiral Steps” - 9:46
   5. ”Harmonic Clouds” - 8:49
   6. ”Air” - 4:42
   7. ”Serpent” - 6:27
   8. ”Minaret” - 6:02
   9. ”Mosaic” - 8:26


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