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John McLaughlin - Molom - A Legend Of Mongolia

This McLaughlin album is a rare limited edition French release - soundtrack to a limited edition film "Molom - A Legend Of Mongolia". All this combination sounds a bit strange, so I almost missed that album. It could be a big mistake!

Album contains 22 compositions, only around half of them is McLaughlin pieces, all others are original Mongolian folk songs played and recorded very tastefully, with all acoustic mysticism possible!

McLaughlin plays acoustic guitar, mostly in short jazz-world fusion compositions, with scent of Eurasian atmosphere.

Usually I hate soundtracks, but this one is rare exception. Don't think about it as about soundtrack at all - it sounds much more as concept album heavily based on Mongolian folk music, but transformed and melted in organic mixture of old Eurasian deserts shamanism and tasteful influence of best modern acoustic fusion.

If you noticed, I can only name this folk ( or world) elements of this music as Eurasian. The reason is there is no Central Asian music, and there is not pure SE Asian folk, but unique mix of Russian and Chinese music components. And to be fully correct, The Mongol Folk Orchestra participated in recording was not from Mongolia, but from Russian town of Ulan-Ude. All this both together presents a very unusual and interesting world fusion.

I believe that this album will be a gem for any world fusion music fan, but can attract much wider listener circles as well. Not for jazz purists for sure!!!

John McLaughlin, guitar, guitar synthesizers;
Trilok Gurtu, drums, percussion;
with various Mongolian artists:
Oulan Oudè Choir, Inch Taven, Railway Culture Palace Orchestra, Mongol Folk Orchestra, The Opera Choir, Chogtu

01 Un Mani Padme Hum
02 Molom Theme Song 1
03 The Boy's Theme 1
04 Breakfast - Cave
05 The Four Seasons
06 Horses
07 Boudamchou
08 Little Girl's Theme 1
09 Cows in the Water
10 The Man Hunts
11 The Camel Walk
12 Hunting - Witch
13 The Boy Walks
14 Melody
15 The Dream of the Boy
16 The Boy Cries
17 Traditional Song
18 Introduction of the Boy to the Monk
19 The Little Girl Says Goodbye to the Boy
20 The Boy Leaves
21 National Song
22 Molom Theme Song End

A Legend Of Mongolia

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