sábado, 23 de marzo de 2013

Robert Haig Coxon - Crystal New Age Stories

"Robert Coxon is undoubtedly one of the great composers reincarnated. If you are looking for a perfect blend of New Age and classical music, this is it! Coxon studied composition at McGill University in Montréal, Canada, and it shows. His skill as a composer is nothing short of mastery. He has achieved some of the most beautiful drop-dead gorgeous musical phrases I have ever heard. Coxon uses a combination of synthesizer and real instruments to create magnificent melodies with a lush symphonic background. All are calm, soothing and will unravel the tightest knots of stress. You'll fall in love with The Silent Path. Don't be surprised if you experience goose bumps and cleansing tears while listening to this incredible music. Highly Recommended!"
Karen Smith-Pearson, Overtones Magazine

01 - Sunny Holiday
02 - Sparkling Diamonds
03 - Soft Surf
04 - Winter Dreams
05 - Thru Clouds
06 - Garden of Peace
07 - Nature's Rebirth
08 - Oriental Wonders
09 - Special Memories
10 - Pure Quartz
11 - Inner Garden
12 - Romantic Shades
13 - Glass Pyramid

 Crystal New Age Stories

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  1. Música bella especial para meditación disfrútala en esos momentos en que puedes viajar con tu espíritu a través del universo.