jueves, 26 de diciembre de 2013

Steve Kindler - Across a Rainbow Sea

Steve Kindler's music is a bit difficult to place but easy to listen to.
Some of the tunes are catchy while others primarily set introspective moods.
Most of the music is upbeat and Kindler's violin is quite attractive;
he is also heard in spots on guitar and synthesizer. The personnel changes
constantly throughout the program, yet there is a unity to the music as one
piece flows naturally into the next. The music could be called light fusion
with straight-ahead and new age sections or even superior background music,
but in general it is beyond simple classification. This CD from the defunct
Global Pacific label will be difficult to locate, but is worth searching for
due to Steve Kindler's violin.
Review    by Scott Yanow All Music

Name                    Credits    
Andrew Annenberg     Artwork
Kim Atkinson             Bongos, Conga, Timbales, Guiro
Jimi Behringer             Guitar (Electric)
Suzanne Ciani             Synthesizer
Isaac Epps             Keyboards, Triangle, Pandeiro, Surdo, Agogo, Ganza, Wood Block, Tamborim
David Friesen             Bass
Larry Grenadier     Bass (Acoustic)
Barklie Henry             Executive Producer
Clay Henry             Producer, Shaker, Shekere, Tamborim
Michael Hollyfield     Design
Melisa Kary             Vocals
Steve Kindler             Synthesizer, Guitar (Acoustic), Violin, Vocals, Producer, Engineer, Violin (Electric),Guitar (Classical), Kurzweil Synthesizer, Zeta Violin
Frank Martin             Keyboards
Katalin Matavovsky     Vocals
Howard Morris             Coordination
Pinchey Pete             Conga
Carlos Reyes             Bass (Electric), Guitar (Rhythm), Paraguayan Harp
Jackie Ryan             Vocals
Howard Sapper             Coordination
Casey Schelierell     Drums, Dynachord
Greg Shaw             Digital Transfers
Sulubika             Flute

1 For the Americas         Kindler         4:57
2 Plumeria                 Kindler         4:31
3 Agua Caliente         Kindler         4:42
4 Caught Up in the Rapture  Glenn, Quander  4:37
5 Wistari Reef                 Kindler         5:40
6 Little Fuji                 Kindler         4:57
7 Mystic Fire                 Kindler         5:25
8 Bodysurfer                 Kindler         4:40
9 Across a Rainbow Sea         Kindler         8:03

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