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Steve Kindler & Teja Bell - Dolphin Smiles

Dophin Smiles is what all "New Age" artists strive for. A rare blend of mysticism and jazz, the music flows like dophins swimming in the sea. Steve Kindler's violin and Teja Bell's guitar work are first rate and the execution of the compositions never fails to impress and surprise. Kim Atkinson, on a variety of percussion instruments, completes the team of talented and visionary musicians who produced this ablum in the late 1980"s, and yet it still sounds completely contemporay.
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Steve Kindler:  
Synthesizer, Violin, Arranger, Autoharp, Drums, Producer, Engineer, Emulator, Violin (Electric), Performer, Drum Machine, Mixing, Synthesizer Bass, DX-7, Electric Violin.
Teja Bell:
Synthesizer, Bass, Guitar, Arranger, Bass (Electric), Guitar (12 String), Producer, Performer, Executive Producer, Mixing, DX-7
Kim Atkinson:
Bongos, Conga, Triangle, Multi Instruments, Surdo, Agogo, Shaker, Guiro, Wood Block, Cabasa, Afuche

1. Windsurfer
2. Kaimana
3. Dolphin Suite: Introduction/Dolphin Smiles/The Dolphin's Dream/Dolphin
4. Leeward Sail
5. Sounding
6. Farthest Shore

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