domingo, 1 de junio de 2014


Batacoto is the powerful debut recording of the group of the same name. The album draws its lyrics, rhythms and melodies from the rich, culturally diverse origins of Brazilian music. Cuts include an a cappella chorus singing the splendid African anthem "N'kosi Sikelel'l-Afrika" and Dionne Warwick adding her special touch on "Chameleon..." The Portuguese lyrics, with round, soft vowels, gentle the sound, still keeping the tone electric. Acclaimed Brazilian percussionist Teo Lima leads this group of fresh, innovative, talented musicians.

1. Caminho das Pedras
2. Camaleao
3. Nega Daúde
4. Folia Serrana
5. Virou Areia
6. Sabará
7. Tá Que Tá
8. N'Kosi Sikelel'l-Afrika
9. Quitambô
10. Candongueiro
11. Congada de São Benedito
12. So Bashiya Bahlala Ekhaya
13. Quilombos
14. Camaleao

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