jueves, 4 de junio de 2015

Samba Diabaté, Vincent Zanetti - Kala Jula "SANGOYI"

Samba Diabaté (guitare, n'goni) – Vincent Zanetti (djembé, guitare, harpe-luth zena) – Laurent Perrier (sonorisation)

Samba Diabaté is a Malian griot, one of the most acclaimed multi-instrumentalists from Bamako. Armed with an electric guitar, he keeps mandingo music alive, full of black African tradition and beautifully tinted with blues improvisations. Vincent Zanetti, from Switzerland, is fascinated by West African music and has become so familiar with the region that it has become his country of adoption. He is known to be one of the best djembé players in Europe. However, for this dialogue with his Malian alter ego, he has chosen various African instruments and particularly the amazing zena, a harp related to the famous Malian kora. Together, they create music that stretches across the Malian borders, magnificently free, creative and filled with sensitive reinterpretation.

1. Dady
2. Bamanaya
3. Le lion de Segou
4. Manden Sigila
5. Djessou Denw
6. Les deux sœurs au bois sacré
7. Yiri So. Finiye So
8. Blues for mithiou
9. Jawura Kura
10. Palabre Blues
11. Diaye Bana
12. Jatigi Moussa

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