sábado, 10 de octubre de 2015

Kila - Kila & OKI

The Irish group Kila's recording with Oki, the Ainu musician they met in Japan and played with at the Dun Laoghaire Festival of World Cultures. Oki traveled to Ireland and stayed in the Kila studio in Kildare where they recorded continuously for eight days over Easter. A beautiful mix celebrating and fusing the Irish and Ainu traditional sounds with some incredible results. The Ainu are an indigenous people from the North of Japan, and Oki is the most celebrated musician to return to playing their traditional music. He plays the Tonkori, a long thin stringed instrument which produces incredible bass lines. Like Kíla, Oki has mixed the traditional with modern music influences including dub reggea to create unique style of music. 

1. Topattumi
2. Gaire Na Bpaisti
3. Our Children Are Laughing
4. Kai Kai As To
5. Ni Liom Fein
6. Ororo Raha (Mokoro Mokoro)
7. Haon Do
8. Kent Hakka Tufse
9. Last Mile Home

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