viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015

Kila - Luna Park

After a brief diversion with their stage soundtrack recording Monkey!, Kila returns to task with another clinic in rhythmic, melodic, original music performed on Irish instruments. Kila excels in heavily layering their instruments with varying dynamics, slowly building to crescendos of orgasmic proportions and tapering off to a gentle conclusion, techniques best exemplified on "Glanfaidh Me" and "Baroki." The surprise track on Luna Park is "Béilín Méala," a beautiful, haunting piece with an underlying 1950s doo wop vibe. Sung in Gaelic and featuring low whistles, fiddle, double bass, and electric guitar, this song alone is worth the price of the album. Yes, it's out of character for this band, but its simplistic allure is intoxicating. Also veering from their expected instrumental and vocal tendencies is the gentle a cappella piece "Maith Dhom." But given Kila's full range of emotions and dynamics, this track serves as a reminder of the band's scope. In the realm of contemporary Irish music, Luna Park is a sheer masterpiece.

01. Glanfaidh Me 9:20
02. Hebden Bridge 3:26
03. Wandering Fish 5:49
04. The Mama Song 4:07
05. Baroki 9:11
06. Beilin Meala 4:40
07. Bullys Acre 4:17
08. Grand Hotel 6:51
09. Maith Dhom 2:36
10. Luna Park 10:53
11. The Hour Before Dawn 3:41

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