jueves, 8 de octubre de 2015

Kila - Monkey!

Inspired by the sixteenth century Chinese folkloric tale of the magic Monkey King and the many literary works that echo that tale, Monkey! is an unlikely project from the Irish band Kila. While they do a respectable job of recreating moody Asian music suitable for a cinematographic production, the music on this album doesn't actually accompany a film. Perhaps in the collective minds of Kila there exists a coherent picture but until one actually materializes the listener will somehow have to make sense of the ethereal Asian soundscapes sprinkled with minimalist rock and traditional Irish music. Less than a handful of the 17 tracks even remotely resemble anything that Kila has recorded in the past, and that similarity has more to do with their use of frenzied rhythms and not their use of traditional Irish instruments coupled with their erstwhile unique arrangements. Interesting yes, but hardly reflective of the innovative sound that has adorned the recordings of Kila in the past.

1) Monkey Rumble
2) The Monkey Song
3) The Peach Garden
4) Emperor's Court
5) Travelling Begins
6) China in Turmoil
7) The Dragon
8) Rowing in Dragon Skin
9) Yama & Friends
10) Buddha Waltz
11) Cliffs of Despair
12) The Journey to Enlightenment
13) The Underwater Covenant
14) Walk of Peril
15) Tripitaka Rumble
16) Travelling Home
17) A Waltz to Eastern Heaven

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