martes, 5 de enero de 2016

Geoffrey Oryema - Exile (1990)

Exile is Ugandan artist Geoffrey Oryema's debut album. It was produced by Brian Eno at Real World Studios and released in 1990.

Exile designates Oryema himself who had to escape his country after his father was assassinated in 1977, during the rule of Idi Amin. Many of the songs contain nostalgia about the land and the people Oryema had to leave. Peter Gabriel provides backing vocals for tracks 2 and 4. David Bottrill was co-producer and played the percussion.

1 Piny Runa Woko     3:51
2 Land Of Anaka     5:21
3 Piri Wango Iya     2:37
4 Ye Ye Ye     4:27
5 Lacan Woto Kumu     3:27
6 Makambo     5:00
7 Jor Omako Nyako     2:16
8 Solitude     3:50
9 Lubanga     3:07
10 Exile     3:52

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  1. Primera grabacion de este genial musico Ugandes
    Geoffrey Oryema - Exile

  2. Gracias, mister Anónimo. Estaba aguardando algo de Oryema desde hace meses