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Lindigo - Mile Sek Mile

“When you know where you come from, you know where you are going”, so runs the motto of Olivier Araste, the charismatic leader of Lindigo and committed champion for continued development of Maloya. Maloya is Réunion Island's vibrant symbol of Creole culture whose strident vocal calls, chanted responses and complex percussion rhythms originated with the slaves brought to work on the sugar plantations.

Maloya became a weapon of resistance, banned until the 1980's. Lindigo's mission is to celebrate a Maloya that is free and forward-looking, building on its proud heritage. They explore the mixed Malagasy, African and Indian roots and incorporate instruments like the Madagascan kabosy and the West African kamelengoni and balafon as well as influences from travels in Morocco and Brazil into their high-octane performances to connect the Maloya message to the next generation and the world.

Harry (Olivier) Araste , leader, accordion, kabosy (box-shaped wooden guitar)
Aldo (Dado) Araste , pikèr (bamboo drum), doumdoum, backing vocals
Jean Frédé Madia , djembé, ngoni, triagle, backing vocals Jimmy Iteba , balafon, kayamb, flute, backing vocals
Lauriane Marceline , backing vocals, kayamb, percussion
Pascal Mariama Moutin , sati, hit hat, cymbals, backing vocals
Valéry Servan , rouler, backing vocals
Rodolphe Pothin , bobre, piker, backing vocals.

01. Intro
02. San Palto
03. Voila
04. Moral De Listwar ?
05. Cimendef
06. Tany Be
07. Fomba Gasy
08. La Kaz Zaza
09. Mile Sek Mile
10. Doulvede
11. Maloya Man
12. Pourquoi Pas ?
13. Vel Has
14. La Kazamwin
15. Rano
16. Mile Sek Mile Roots
17. Frisson

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