domingo, 20 de marzo de 2016

Katarina Rimpi & Mandy Senger - Jarŋŋa

Jarŋŋa es una banda desde el norte de Suecia (Laponia). Su música se inspira en los alrededores de la naturaleza ártica.

CD with Sami music group Jarnna. Front Singer in the band is Catherine Rimpi which is a well known artist Sami / jojkare. The groups name means widest part of the lake, in this case Stora Lule River, and it is nature thereabouts and the Sami language that inspired the group to these warm, enchanting songs with polyphonic yoik and Lule Sami texts. The album has been produced in Jokkmokk and Germany and beyond Katarina and Mandy Senger involved 13 professional and international musicians.


01 Mandy Senger – Dållårátte
02 Katarina Rimpi – Merraniejdda
03 Katarina Rimpi – Julevädno
04 Katarina Rimpi – Äno Jiedna
05 Katarina Rimpi – Ájges Ájggáj
06 Katarina Rimpi – Vuoras Ålmåj
07 Katarina Rimpi – Iellem Le
08 Katarina Rimpi – Munnu Tjuovgga
09 Mandy Senger – Jåvna Vuolle
10 Katarina Rimpi – Násste
11 Mandy Senger – Muv Viellja
12 Katarina Rimpi – Jiegna

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