lunes, 21 de marzo de 2016

Radio Tarifa - Temporal

With Mediterranean instruments like the oud, derbuka and ney, Radio Tarifa collapses recognizably Arabic sounds with flamenco rhythms, playing with a flair reminiscent of a traditional Balkan wedding band. (The Spanish ensemble also tackles a 16th-century Sephardic tune and a 12th-century French procession.) Central to Radio Tarifa's charm is the rough-edged voice of Benjamin Escoriza, whose throaty elocution makes his Spanish a terrific blur of clarity and wavering timbre. Aside from the Mediterranean percussion--supplied mainly by the differently-pitched hand drums--Radio Tarifa also dots its grooves with Afro-Cuban inflected bongos and an electric bass, making this global concatenation particularly delightful. --Andrew Bartlett

1. La Tarara 
2. Las Cuevas 
3. Cancion Sefardi 
4. Baile De Almut 
5. Solea 
6. Tangos De La Condicion 
7. Conductus 
8. Temporal 
9. El Mandil De Carolina 
10. Vestido De Flores

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