lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2016

Togo Soul 70

Hot Casa Records present Togo Soul 70: Selected Rare Togolese Recordings from 1971 to 1981 .

 A treasure-trove of rare and unusual recordings mostly recorded in Lomé during the 70’s , a fusion of traditional voodoo chants , raw soul and Afro jazz. Finding these tracks and their rights holders hasn’t become any easier even after few trips all over this west African country bordered by Ghana , Benin & Burkina Faso.

 We , at Hot Casa Records decided to select thirteen tracks, a snapshot of some hundreds of rare and often forgotten tapes from the most prolific, professional and exciting phase of the country’s recording history included international stars like Bella Bellow ( who even performed to Maracana stadium in Brazil ) to Roger Damawuzan compared as the James Brown from Lomé to forgotten tapes and brilliant songs in Mina, Kabyié and Fon language. Many of the tracks featured here are peppered with innovation and experimentation highlighting how diverse the music scene in Togo was at the time even if the political context influenced their creation.

1. Akofa Akoussah - I Tcho Tchass 03:51 
2. Bella Bellow - Dasi Ko 04:07 
3. Napo De Mi Amor - N'Bo Eyadema Mobutu 03:17 
4. Aimé Orchis Mathey - Senye Ye Na 04:09 
5. Toite Sandja - Mais Dis donc 04:08 
6. Aimé Orchis Mathey - Tralala Vo dou 03:04 
7. Gabelo - Wokunyeya 03:39 
8. Wini & Fefe - Ago Kae Medze 05:23 
9. Adamah & Agbote - Dzo Le Gbo Nye 04:37 
10. Vewonyi DD - Agbemenyawo 06:03 
11. D K Pilo - Mi Kpede Dunye 03:39 
12. Yta Jourias - Adome Nyueto 05:26 
13. Roger Damawuzan - Loxo Nye 06:23

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