martes, 22 de noviembre de 2016

Romare Love Songs: Part Two

Archie Fairhurst, aka Romare, gets amorous with his second album. A kind of follow-up or development of his second ever release, a four track EP entitled “Love Songs: Part One”, “Love Songs: Part Two”, explores every nook and cranny of the romantic impulse from dirty sex to religious fervour across ten tracks which develop and expand upon the casual brilliance of his debut, “Projections”, establishing him as one of the most exciting, confident and distinctive producers in electronic music right now.

1. Who To Love? 03:16 
2. All Night 04:54 
3. Je T’aime 06:56 
4. Honey 05:39 
5. Come Close To Me 06:41 
6. Don’t Stop 04:08 
7. Who Loves You? 08:25 
8. L.U.V 06:24 
9. New Love 06:29 
10. My Last Affair 05:36

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