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Kate Price: DEEP HEART’S CORE – 1995 [EUA]

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Kate Price is a hammered dulcimer player and vocalist born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has made recordings on several labels, including Priceless Productions, Access Music, Higher Octave / Om Town, Narada Productions, and LunaVerse Music. She creates contemporary international Folk fusion of Classical, Jazz and ethnic music using instruments from many cultures in the world.  Fuente

Deep heart's core

This recording allowed Kate a fuller expression of her fire. With compositions that navigated between the Balkans, the British lsles, and Latin flavors, this recording is a passionate, playful and intimate portrait of Kate’s internal world. Co-Produced by Teja Bell, Deep Hearts Core exploded into the music scene and garnished international acclaim and distribution in 28 countries. It was from Deep Hearts Core that CBS chose a track to score a 1998 Olympic coverage documentary in Nagana, Japan. 

  • Kate Price – hummell, vocals, hammer dulcimer, piano, djembe
  • Teja Bell – bass, sitar, electric autoharp, classical guitar, synthesizer, fretless bass, 12 string guitar, keyboards
  • Ian Dogole – udu, dumbek, conga, kashishi
  • Charl Ann Gastineau – violin, viola
  • David West – steel string guitar
  • Doug Harman – cello
  • Ethan James – hurdy gurdy
  • Paul McCandless – wooden & penny whistles, oboe, English horn, selje flute
  • Dierdre McCarthy – tabla saidi, finger symbals, percussion, bodhran
  • Mark Jeffrey – percussion
  • Kim Atkinson – additional percussion
  • Patrick Swyney –cittern


01. Labyrinth
02. Rio del corazón
03. Sonatina Montenegro
04. Place of spirit
05. Rest sweet nymphs
06. The journey on
07. Temple of the wind
08. Siu'il a ru'in
09. Eliz iza - Jump at the sun
10. So ghostly then the girl came in

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  1. Excelente disco Guayacas, con una produccion excepcional del guitarrista Teja Bell..Gracias por el lanzamiento.
    Un abrazo!!

  2. Gracias mil !!!
    Magnífico aporte. =D