viernes, 22 de enero de 2016

Shooglenifty - The Untied Knot (2015)

This is Shooglenifty’s seventh studio album, and the first to feature a collection of songs. The breathtaking ‘puirt a beul’ (mouth music) of Gaelic vocalist Kaela Rowan brings a captivating and energising new element to the band’s sound, and further confounds any attempt to categorise them.

01. The Untied Knot/The Fall/Mile Marbhaisg Air A’ Ghaol (05:53)
02. The Scorpian/The Devil’s Breath Hornpipe (04:19)
03. Samhla Reel/Scolpaig (06:16)
04. Somebody’s Welcome To Somewhere (06:17)
05. Do Chrochadh A Thoill Thu, Thoill Thu/Nighean Rudh’ Bhàn Bh’aig Dòmhnall Ruadh Piobair/The Spice of Life (04:51)
06. The Highway Carpark (04:07)
07. Peaches/Monkswell Road/Meal Do Bhrògan (05:10)
08. The High Road To Jodhpur/Am Bothan a Bh’aig Fionnghuala (03:46)
09. The Arms of Sleep (05:34)
10. Ruidhleadh Mo Nighean Donn/Am Buachaille Dubh Fionnghal (04:52)
11. Fitzroy Crossing (06:07)

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