jueves, 21 de julio de 2016

Lula Pena - Phados

One of the greatest singers born in Portugal but raised in the world, Lula Pena has become somewhat of a myth. And all sort of stories about a ‘reclusive and reluctant diva’ transpired in these twelve years that took her to record again. “Troubadour”, her second album, crosses genres and suggests a Fado Exquis, a sort of palimpsest, that enables the listener to discover all music.

01. Os Argonautos
02. Senora Do Almortăo
03. Mulhere Do Minho
04. O Meu Amor
05. Perdidamente
06. O Quereres
07. Fria Claridade
08. Fado Malhoa
09. Joana Francesa
10. Teresinha
11. Sodade
12. Năo + Amar
13. Gaivota

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