domingo, 22 de febrero de 2015

Gilberto Gil - O Sol De Oslo

In his extensive discography, Gilberto Gil has explored almost every possible shade of pop music. In this album, produced by the independent label Pau Brasil (Gil is a WEA artist), he felt safe to shamelessly go back to earlier days, where his wonderful melodies were free of the artist's anxiety for fame and success. This album is a delicate collection of acoustic grooves (with a couple of electric renditions), with several different world references, ranging from folkloric chants (the researcher/singer Marlui Miranda is instrumental here), northeastern coco (the folkloric "Tata Engenho Novo" is hot, swinging, and thrilling), cantigas ("Mana," folklore), xote-ska ("Xote"), new age ("Kao"), modern ciranda ("Ciranda," beautiful, dissonant melody by Moacir Santos), rap ("Rep," excellent deconstruction of that style by the smart percussion of Trilok Gurtu), xaxado ("Onde O Xaxado Ta," faithful acoustic rendition), and the hot Olodum rhythm ("Oslodum"). There is even a traditional coco, "17 Na Corrente," which may be a hit in the dance clubs in its funk rendition with drum machines and brass attacks. Pay attention to the beautiful jazz-baiao solo in "Eu Te Dei Meu Ane." Joined by excellent musicians Marlui Miranda, Bugge Wesseltoft, Trilok Gurtu, and Toninho Ferragutti, Gilberto Gil makes justice to his name with Sol de Oslo, which stands several notches above the average pop record. ~ Alvaro Neder, All Music Guide

1. Tata Engenho Novo
2. Mana
3. 17 Na Corrente
4. Xote
5. Eu Te Dei Meu Ane
6. Kao
7. Ciranda
8. Rep
9. Onde O Xaxado Ta
10. Lingua Do Pe
11. Santinha la da Serra, A
12. Ai Baiano
13. Bastiana
14. Oslodum

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